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21 Dec

Roach Wrestling Federation Title Match
The Crimson Millipede Versus The Royale Rumbler
Schmitt Roaches Webcomic
THE KING DOME, KOR – This Inter-Continental title match held Saturday afternoon and was set for one fall with winner take all. The undefeated myriapod, The Crimson Millipede, faced off against the Roach Wrestling Federation Inter-Continental Champion – The Royale Rumbler.

The hulking, red beast looked very formidable – coming into the fight with a 8-0 record. It truly seemed like the Millipede was going to beat whoever stood in it’s way into a green puddle of goo.

Yet, using his lightning speed and acrobatic agility, The Royal Rumbler descended from the roof of the King Dome and planted a steel chair into the maw of the hideous creature!

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