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Comic Cards

16 Oct

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Having some fun throwing together some cards for the new Roaches book. There are some dramatic turns coming up as the Roaches find themselves declaring one war and then fighting another! When will these bugs ever learn that no one wins a war but the survivors?

Stay tuned for more pages and news.


Nature’s Perfect Survivor

2 Apr

Upcoming Indie Animation Unveiled
Film Creator: “We’ve tripled the dimensions… against all odds!”
Grand Roach model by Paul Schmitt
Lighting, textures, mapping and pose rigging can go a lo-o-o-ng way.

Things are going well for the Roaches animation production. There are many more tools in the 3d software package that I’m using now than there were just a few years ago. For example, a more well-rounded slider based animation tool set, easier to pre-program Graph Editor and in-scene audio w/wavelength preview for example. I’m also finding that the render engine is much stronger and much more capable of complexity than ever. Good stuff.

As far as this technology has come – it’s still not perfect.

Currently, I’m working out some unique customizations to streamline the animation process with Character Animator Mr. Oliver Simonnet. His portfolio can be found at Oliver Simonnet 3D. Take some time to look at his reel! As you are about to learn – he is very good at what he does.

Are you a 3d Animator with a strong character animation and texture mapping reel? We are always looking for more help. Lip synch animators and architectural modelers especially. Send your demo reels to the Project Coordinator by email.

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