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Roaches Short Production Art

19 Mar

Short Challenges Animation World To Think Small
Film Director: “As long as it’s funnier than Robot Chicken – we have a winner.”
Grand Roach model by Paul Schmitt
This 3d view of the Grand Roach clearly displays this bug’s superior intellect and lofty stature.

People, we have a production crew. I am very pleased to announce this and that the initial stages for animation production began this week. We have gained a new animator and are breaking ground on the film now.

Stay tuned to the blog for clips, tests and promos from this upcoming animated short film. You guys will only see this stuff here before it goes out to Facebook, Youtube and film fests.

Are you a 3d Animator with a strong character animation and texture mapping reel? We are always looking for more help with lip synch and modelers as well. Send your demo reels to the Project Coordinator by email.

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