Roaches is a webcomic by Paul Schmitt. The title got started in 2010 during a particularly long down turn in the Graphic Design sector of the midwestern American economy. While going from working 50-60 hours to zero hours a week the author found himself in the grip of an unlikely creative resurgence.

Very soon the original satire Roaches found it’s way into the webcomic reading world. The  irreverence of  it’s characters and controversial topics only added to the absurd nature of the book’s appeal.

Today, conservative estimates show that tens of thousands of people have read the book on-line and hundreds more have bought the print edition that came out in 2011.

In 2012 and 2013, Roaches and it’s author and artist traveled the country doing comic cons including ASH, Appleseed and Summit City. In 2014, a second edition is being completed.


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