The Third Greatest Story Ever Mumbled

27 Oct

Does Messianic Lore Exist In All Species?
How He Was Squashed For Your Sins And Why
Roaches by Paul Schmitt

Do roaches have their own religion? By being close contact with humans for thousands of years, as witnesses to human history and our behavior, have they absorbed some of our legends and created their version of events that center around their own species?

That depends. Have you ever watched a bee as it assesses you? They hover and observe, not because they are unintelligent, but because they are making an educated guess about you. Can they same me said of cockroaches?

Puppets by Gargantuan Media Roaches by Gargantuan Media
Puppets, Roaches: A Graphic Novel, Cement and The Grand Roach are all registered trademarks of Gargantuan Media. All rights reserved 2010.

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