13 Mar

Comic Pages Released To Stunned Internet Browsing World
Leading Critics: “This is clearly the work of a deranged mind.”

These two pages are non-consecutive in the book and in the webcomic but they each deal with female roaches spazzing out. Spazzing out really hard, too. It’s interesting that one character, Bitchzilla attacks unprovoked, while the Molecular Biologist bug in “Chauvinism” attacks for very good reason after she is jeered and nearly set upon by two guffawing morons.

Chauvinism v. Jiu Jitsu

These two pages are great examples of the art style being implemented for the second edition of the Roaches webcomic. Please continue to subscribe to the site with Blogger and Feedburner for more comics and cartoons. As long as you are viewing and subscribing I will be making ’em.

Puppets by Gargantuan Media Roaches by Gargantuan Media
Puppets, Roaches: A Graphic Novel, Cement and The Grand Roach are all registered trademarks of Gargantuan Media. All rights reserved 2010.

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