Grand Roach

31 Jan

A lip synch motion test made in Flash for the Grand Roach.

Do you want to know something? I need a new computer. The one I have renders Quicktime files from the Jurassic Era. How do I know this? Because the compressors are so badly out-dated that no matter how well I animate something (which is debatable) the compressors end up destroying the timing for each syllable.

To clue you in on the “vintage” nature of my Apple G4: I bought it at the end of the 20th century on eBay. Since then, it has been a print and graphic design work-horse but is not cut out for more complex things like, say, rendering an 8-second HD clip in After Effects or Flash.

More good news. The one reliable guy I trusted to buy computers and parts from has either changed his business number or has gone out of business entirely. Un-flipping believable.

So a new Apple, an iMac if I can swing it, is in the cards for 2013. Which actually is probably the real good news here. Stick around, players…

Puppets by Gargantuan Media Roaches by Gargantuan Media
Puppets, Roaches: A Graphic Novel, Cement and The Grand Roach are all registered trademarks of Gargantuan Media. All rights reserved 2010.

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