26 Oct

Fug the Ampulex.

Ampulex Wasps (aka the Emerald Cockroach Wasp or Ampulex Compressa) are one of many natural predators of Roachkind and the police of the insect kingdom. We brave bugs must take great care to avoid this one especially.

Ampulex feed on us! What’s worse, once we are captured – the evil Ampulex turn the still-living Roach body into a cocoon for their own hawngry younglings. How repulsive!

Dig it - it's Johnny Rock-O!!!

Punk legend Mr. Johnny Rock-O takes up the glorious battle between Rock and Disco in a climactic fight for all the musical marbles – ever! Examine closely the pages above to determine the ultimate winner between these two formidable champions of their respective genres.

Lemming Island by Gargantuan Media   Roaches by Gargantuan Media
Puppets, Roaches: A Graphic Novel, Cement and The Grand Roach are all registered trademarks of Gargantuan Media. All rights reserved 2010.

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